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MusicSig vkontakte - 1.10.4

by DarkByte
Extension meant for Developer Builds of Google Chrome 4.0+

Extension for social network (, provides additional features that simplify the work with site. About main features please read full info below.

  • 1.10.4
  • DarkByte
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More about this extension

The main features:
- Supports English, Russian and Ukrainian language
- Notification of new events (messages, etc.)
- Graphical emoticons (including animated)
- Remove away.php from external links
- Remove ad banners from site
- Add links to download audio and video
- Ability to see who added you to favorites
- Inverse the page title
- Remove duplicate songs from search results
- Display in the profile zodiac sign and age
- Display calendar for the current month and the clock
- Ability to hide rating plate and the wrong info plate
- Ability to move the main menu to the right, as well as secure it in place.
- Displays a list of groups in a column
- Highlight new or unread messages
- View some of the information enclosed profiles
- Displays the status of ICQ number in your profile
- Ability to delete from the profile of the inscription “It’s You”
- Ability to clear the names of groups (in profile) of “rubbish”
- Delete from the main menu of the prefix “My”
- Support for BB-code ([b] [u] [i], etc.)
- Expanded the main menu and user
- Ability to scroll through photo with mouse wheel
- Highlight the main programming languages
- Ability to turn on the old wall instead of the micro-blog
- Support for visual styles
- Pop-up notifications for new messages

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