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As with most of the people we know, a growing portion of communication with our friends and family runs through Facebook.
Amongst other things, we post status updates, comment on our friends feeds and upload the occasional picture.
With this amount of writing in Facebook, something started to frustrate us.
How come there was no option to add a simple smiley to our comments and status updates?
We had grown so accustomed to adding a smiley in most of the other platforms with which we use to communicate:
Skype, Yahoo, AOL and MSN messenger, Google Talk and ICQ all have smileys we love to use, but why not Facebook?
Of course, you can add those UTF icons, but as far as we were concerned, they simply didn’t cut it.

After getting tired of whining about this feature shortage, we decided to create it for ourselves.
After using it for a while it became such an integral part of our Facebook experience, we thought why not share it with all our friends? From that point on things got a little crazy.

If you want to see what the fuss is all about, simply download the extension here and start adding smileys to your Facebook.

We hope you enjoy it, please feel free to drop us a line here with any idea or suggestion that will make Facicons more fun and exciting.