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Simple control of Last.fm radio on toolstrip

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This extension puts controls panel of Last.fm player on the toolstrip.

MicroLastFm is really micro! It doesn’t need your credentials and it doesn’t even connect directly to Last.fm. Instead, it opens Last.fm in a Chrome tab and connects to this tab – clicking control buttons on the toolstrip simply translates to clicking corresponding buttons in the Last.fm tab.


This is how the toolstrip looks like (I use the Brushed theme):

When Last.fm is not playing:

When it’s playing:


The extension toolstrip has a Last.fm icon and icons for controlling the player. When the Last.fm radio is not playing in any tab, only the Play button is visible. If it’s playing, then the rest of them (Love, Ban, Stop and Skip) are visible instead.

When you navigate Chrome to the Last.fm Radio (you must be logged in to your account), the extension attaches to this tab (the tab becomes the controlled tab). You can use it as usually with no difference, but you can also control it using the toolstrip – click the control buttons to execute the corresponding action on the controlled tab. This means that you can keep your radio tab somewhere in the background and control the radio using the toolstrip, which is really the point of this extension.

If you want to switch to a different station, just go to your active Last.fm tab (do it quickly by clicking the Last.fm icon on the toolstrip) and switch to the new station, as usually. Remember – the toolstrip buttons are just copies of the Last.fm player buttons, but placed in a more convenient place.

Last.fm icon

More about the Last.fm icon on the toolstrip: when there is already an active Last.fm radio tab, clicking this icon will bring it to front. When the extension is not connected with a tab, clicking it will open a new tab in the foreground (and connect to it once it finishes loading).

Quick Play

Even when there is no Last.fm radio tab opened, you can click the Play button on the toolstrip. It will open a new radio tab in the background and play the last used station (you might need to wait a moment until the page is fully loaded in the background).


  1. André Casimiro says:

    It only works with the English version of last.fm but I didn’t mind at all changing the language :D.

  2. TPReal says:

    Oops 🙂 I didn’t think about this. Yes, it works only with Last.fm in English. Maybe I should consider changing it, some people might prefer not to change the language.

  3. Mitko says:

    It’d be great if it could detect if there is already a radio playing…

  4. TPReal says:

    Mitko, what exactly do you mean? If you open the Last.fm radio page and click the Play button on the page, the extension will detect that there’s a radio playing and display the Stop and Skip buttons.

    (After first installing the extension, please refresh your Last.fm tab and it’ll connect to it.)

  5. Julez_coz says:


    I have installed it and it doesn’t work 🙁 It just comes up as the last FM logo and a blank square next to it, when you click it it just takes you to last fm site like a hyperlink!

  6. TPReal says:

    Sorry, they introduced some breaking change in Chrome. I need to rewrite the extension so that is uses browser action and not toolstrip. I really can’t tell when this is going to happen, I’m thinking about this. For now I’ve rewritten TPGoogleReader (http://tpgooglereader.googlecode.com/) to browser action.

  7. Kristian says:

    Sorry to say, the extension doesn’t work in the new version of Chrome ( nothing is shown in the toolstrip.

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