Google Chrome Extensions


Tampermonkey is s small tools that provides enhanced Userscript support for Google Chrome and Chromium Browser (version or greater). It’s API is fully compatible to GreaseMonkey. This means support of:
– all GM_* functions including:
  * GM_registerMenuCommand
  * GM_xmlhttpRequest with cross domain support
  * GM_getResourceText
  * GM_getResourceURL
– the tags:
  * @resource and 
  * @require 
– read access to variables of the unsafeWindow object
– access to functions of the unsafeWindow object (but there is no return value, sry).
Furthermore there is a small GUI to manage all installed scripts. This includes editing, enabling, disabling, debug, uninstalling and so on). By default one script is preinstalled that allows installing userscripts directly from installing userscripts directly from

Chrome/Chromium is required!

Known restrictions of version and below:
- the "Allow access to file URLs" option must be set in order to install scripts from local ("file://") sources
- files with "*.user.js" ending are handled by chrome. rename your scripts to "*.tamper.js" to make tampermonkey take care of them
- due to chromes security model it is not yet possible to:
 * get the return value of javascript functions of the unsafeWindow object
 * write javascript vairables of the unsafeWindow object
- some scripts use very firefox specific methods, these script may not work in tampermonkey

Known restrictions of version and below:
- BUG: it was not possible to install userscripts from http sources
- BUG: you have to enable TamperScript to install scripts from
- BUG: some script may not run if there are multiple spaces in some places at the header tags