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Enhance your shopping experience, augment search results with price history charts

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More about this extension

When you search a product on Google or retailer's website, “Shopping Assistant”
automatically displays similar products available on What is more, it augments the results with their price history charts, and enhances your shopping experience. 

Supported Sites:
 * Searching engines: Google, Bing, Yahoo Shopping, .etc
 * Major booksellers: Barnes & Noble, Borders, .etc
 * Popular shopping websites: eBay, Bestbuy, WalMart, Newegg,, Sears, .etc
 * Popular deals site: slickdeals, Fatwallet, .etc

 * click the triangle to show/hide the slide for the side
 * click the icon in the location bar to turn on/off for the site (show/hide)

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